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    However, the steel slag can promote the hydration degree of cement at later ages and the promoting effect becomes more obvious with the increment of steel slag addition and the hydration ages.

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    The construction industry continues to develop and the requirements for cement performance are getting higher and higher. At the same time, in the steel industry, the discharge of steel slag is also increasing. The effective reuse of steel slag has become a prominent problem in the steel industry. . Therefore, it is envisaged to use steel slag as a raw material for the cement production ...

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    Steel slag is currently utilized both to treat wastewater, and as a concrete aggregate. New research now indicates that using it for the former makes it perform even better as the latter – so ...

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    cement and steel slag were shown in Table 1. 85% of the aggregate in consist of silica, calcium, ferric, aluminum oxides. Other minor part of steel slag is composed of sodium oxide, chloride and sulfate. 0-5 mm crushed limestone or steel slag was used as fine aggregate and 5-15 mm crushed limestone or steel

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