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    11/16/2017 · Data Mining is the set of methodologies used in analyzing data from various dimensions and perspectives, finding previously unknown hidden patterns, classifying and grouping the data and summarizing the identified relationships. The tasks of data mining are twofold:

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    EUROGOMMA is a manufacturer of polyurethane screens, including modular polyurethane screens, flotation cells, and screen panels and cloths. The company also develops flip flop screens, tensioned polyurethane screens and many other polyurethane screening products, with applications in mining, sand and gravel, and aggregate-ore processing.

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    How association rules work. Association rule mining, at a basic level, involves the use of machine learning models to analyze data for patterns, or co-occurrence, in a database. It identifies frequent if-then associations, which are called association rules.. An association rule has two parts: an antecedent (if) and a consequent (then).

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